About the Artist

Michael Herman



Thick transparent glass is its own ethereal canvas.
The humour of this precious material is the greatest
challenge I could ever wish to face.
I am constantly in awe of the global circle of hot
and warm glass artists and their artistic expressions
created with this media.

The Work

Each new work begins with research, drawings and studies.
After several firings the original plan manifests a life of its own.
The finished pieces are a result of my reactions to
the physics, chemistry and tolerance of this willful material.
Each work I push the boundaries of it predecessor.

p.s. Images on this site should been seen as a “representation” of the artwork.
Photography of glass is subjective.


Conceived in Poland, adopted and raised in Leaside, Toronto.
Michael Herman pursued his art education at Ontario College of Art.
His education was diverse as he worked part-time while attending school.
Seeking a change, career opportunities brought him to
Calgary, Alberta in the 1980’s.

His art education was continued at the Alberta College of Art. While there
he was awarded the $24,000 Alberta Heritage Fund Scholarship and
graduated from the Visual Communications program in 1988
with sub-majors in intaglio printmaking and jewelry.

Michael’s education and work history has provided him with the ability
to work in many diverse and creative fields. From the silkscreen sign shop
to the design, plan and fabrication for the Calgary Science Centre exhibits.

Returning to Toronto in the early 1990’s, he worked as an art director for
IBM Canada, a graphic designer and illustrator for the National Film Board
of Canada. His freelance illustration business led him into a full-time career
doing editorial illustration and information graphics in the Toronto
Star Newspaper newsroom from 2000 to 2010.

Michael now resides in eastern Ontario on beautiful Roblin Lake, in
Prince Edward County, Ontario. His environment is a constant source of energy,
artifacts and inspiration that naturally migrate into the glass studio.

His glass work is constantly attempting to capture the timing
and fugitive wonders of light. Three dimensional elements are extending
his search in time and spatial elements. Michael’s work is always changing.
Like the travelling sun over the planet, his next art piece is another
constantly changing definition of light.